Coyi Cafe services a full-line of premium quality coffee, espresso and organic loose leaf teas that are personally selected by the owner. The owner's unique sensitivity to smell and taste, which stems from her childhood, has continued to develop into an extraordinary appreciation for the finer, more delicate taste of coffees and teas. To fully enjoy these unique coffees and teas, an assortment of the most exquisite pastries, desserts and gourmet sandwiches are matched along with other organic soft drinks.

At Coyi Cafe, you will find each item on the menu has been meticulously selected for its taste, aroma, nutritional value, and texture.

Coyi Cafe is a modern cafe for individuals with a true appreciation for fine food and drinks, particularly for those who acknowledge the atmosphere of cafe society in the last century with its nostalgic interiors, art display and WiFi connection.


About Our Beans:

Coyi Cafe selects only Arabica coffee, the richest and most aromatic species of coffee. Arabica coffee is grown at higher elevations than commonly used Robusta beans, ensuring slower maturation process, a naturally lower level of caffeine and a depth of flavor unmatched by other species of coffee.

Brewing Method:

We start with high quality water, processed via double filtration to yield the finest coffee. This coffee is brewed directly into airtight servers to ensure that both freshness and temperature are maintained and to avoid scorching of the brew.

Premium Cafe Drinks

Espresso -- Our specialty blend of Arabica espresso.

Espresso Macchiato -- Espresso stained with milk.

Cafe Latte -- Combination of premium espresso and steamed milk topped with foam.

Cappuccino -- Prepared with equal parts of espresso and steamed milk, with creamy milk foam.

Cafe Au Lait -- Our premium coffee blended with foamy steamed milk.

Hot Cocoa -- Fresh steamed milk and chocolate with or without whipped cream.

Cafe Mocha -- Espresso with chocolate and steam milk.

Chai Latte -- Prepared with equal parts of organic chai tea and steamed milk topped with cinnamon.

Premium Cafe Iced Drinks

Iced Cafe Latte/Cappuccino -- Our refreshing cappuccino/latte served cold over ice.

Iced Mocha -- Chocolatey cappuccino topped with foam on ice.

Iced Arabica Bean Coffee

Iced Chai Latte -- Prepared with equal parts of organic Chai and milk over ice.

*Soy milk and flavored syrups are available at Coyi Cafe.

Organic Loose Leaf Teas

At Coyi Café we serve the purest and genuine organic teas from all over the world. While you are at Coyi Café, please try our special blended teas selected by the owner. A profusion of flavors that compliment each other enthusiastically.

Traditional Teas

Darjeeling Black Tea (Makaibari Estate) - Grown high in the foothills of the Himalayas on the famous biodynamic Makaibari Estate, this Autumnal tea has a nutty note, mild greenness & hearty character. A truly satisfying morning cup.

Gen Mai Cha (Brown Rice Japanese Green Tea) - A classic tea enjoyed by countless people around the world. Light green with delicate barley taste.

Lung Ching (a.k.a Dragon Well) - The classic Chinese flat leaf, pan fired green tea from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. Smooth, aromatic & intriguing. Considered the standard bearer for Chinese green tea.

Jasmine Green Tea - A traditional scented Pouchong. This melodic coupling of fragrant petals & light, sweet tea produce a palate for romance.

Tian Hong Red Tea - Full bodied & robust with a chocolatey end note. Grown in Yunnan district of China, long considered one of the finest varietals on the globe. Versatile & cherished.

Earl Grey (Bergamot & Organic black tea) - The traditional bergamot beverage enjoyed by millions around the world. A redolent tea fine anytime of the day. Graceful & piquant enough for the most discerning earl grey enthusiast.

Herbal and Decaf Teas

Peppermint Tea - Classic organic peppermint leaves, pure & unadulterated with great, big flavor. Use as a digestive or add to other tea or tisane.

Cha Cha Dance – Chamomile, Pepermint & Lemon Grass

Chamomile & Lavender Tea - Soothing blend of aromatic lavender and calming chamomile that will help release tensions. Best enjoyed during the evening.

Decaff Green Tea - This organic, single estate green from India has undergone a CO2 De-Caff process & promises the great flavor & benefits of green tea without the caffeine.

Special Blended Teas

Buccaneer- (Coconut, Chocolate Bits, Vanilla, Organic Rooibos, Organic Black Tea) - Exciting on many frontiers and levels as all the ingredients described.

Black and Blue- (Blueberry and Organic Black Tea) - Feeling no pain ~ this burst of blueberry paired with a powerful black punch will sock it o ya every time … in a good way!

Shanghai Rose (Organic White Tea with Rose Buds & Petals) - Dry, sweet, aromatic & enigmatic. Simply beautiful.

Cha Cha Chai ( Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon, Ginger, Pepper and Organic Black Tea) - Award winning Masala Chai recipe is rich, warming & generous. This tea was designed to compliment milk & good enough to stand alone.

House Brew Iced Tea (Organic green tea, raspberry fruit blend & tangerine peel) - Sharp green notes of this organic, fair trade, single estate tea partnered with show-stopping raspberry and tangerine peel taking center stage.

Other Drinks

  • Vitamin Water
  • Smart Water
  • GuS
  • Saratoga Sparkling/Natural Water
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice

Banh Mi - Vietnamese Sandwiches

(Most sandwiches served with pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro and house mayo on toasted French baguette)

  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • Grilled pork sandwich
  • Portabello mushroom sandwich
  • Sardine sandwich
  • Sliced pork roll and paté sandwich
  • Tuna sandwich (with or without onion)
  • Vegetarian chicken sandwich

*Spicy Upon Request

Light Fare & Bagels

Light Fares

  • Nutella & banana on whole wheat
  • Grilled ham and cheese on croissant
  • Grilled cheddar, swiss cheese & tomatoes on toasted whole wheat
  • Grilled cheddar, swiss cheese, tomatoes and ham on toasted whole wheat
  • Assorted Quiche
  • Assorted Empanadas
  • Hard boiled eggs

Granola with:

  • milk
  • yogurt
  • fresh fruit & yogurt

Bagels - Toasted with:

  • butter
  • butter & jelly
  • cream cheese
  • cream cheese and tomatoes
  • peanut butter
  • smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers

Sweet Treats

Fresh Baked

  • Muffins
  • Scones
  • Loaf cakes
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Vegan cookies
  • Croissants
  • Apple strudels
  • Crumb cakes


  • Chocolate mousse cakes
  • Pumpkin pie (seasonal)
  • Cheesecake
  • Crepe cake

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Coyi Cafe
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New York, New York 10009

Phone: 646-602-7050
Fax: 646-602-7051


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